Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blog 12

I worked last night until 8:30. I went and got popcorn chicken from Walmart before I went in. Then I sat down and ate my chicken and wrapped all of the silverware. After I got all of the silverware wrapped, I set the dining room and got their drinks ready for them. As the residents started piling in, the busier I got. I give them all water before they even get to the dining room and then once they come in I give them the drink that they would like. For example, Joe Barkley always gets orange juice and Donna Littleton always gets iced tea. I know exactly what every single one of them want to drink. I've been there so long that I know every single one of them like the back of my hand. It is an awesome feeling to be so close to all of them, but sometimes that will backfire since they are so old and sadly, can die at anytime. I haven't really lost any of my residents and really do not want to. Donald Wilson passed away not too long ago but he only came down to the dining room a couple of times, so it wasn't too hard on me. I love working at the nursing home so much.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 11

I went to Tennessee this past weekend so the last day that I worked was Wednesday night. Wednesday nights are bingo nights for the residents at Paris Healthcare! So they were all excited to get done eating supper and get down to bingo. They are some residents who do not like bingo but the majority of them love it. They had potatoe soup for dinner that night so it was a pretty easy night. Most of them like potatoe soup, but if they don't we had beef stew for them. Those are my favorite work days, where there are no special orders from the residents. They had some cinnamon bread for dessert and most of it was hard as brick so the residents were throwing a fit about that. Which I don't blame them, I would too. There were only a select few of them that weren't hard so I had to go in and complain until I got them soft bread. But I would do mostly anything to keep the residents happy, they deserve it. Old people are the cutest and deserve to have things they want.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 9

The last time I worked was February 29th. That has been a couple days ago so I'm ready to get back to see all their sweet faces. Which I work tonight! Last time I worked the residents were served sloppy joe and French fries. Most of them can tolerate sloppy joe but not all of them. Many of the residents have been a little sickly so they haven't been coming down to the dinning room or if they are, they aren't eating very much at all. I always offer them many other things when they don't eat much because I feel bad. Most of the time they deny it because they simply aren't hungry, but it doesn't hurt to try. Some of them have been a little grumpy lately as well, which can very irritating but there is nothing I can do about it. I just try putting them in a better mood, or simply just let them have some peace and quiet. They normally don't get upset or angry at me though because I'm always so cheerful and happy when I'm around them. They need that kind of surroundings in their lives so that's what I give them. I love old people though, they warm my heart!