Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 4

When I worked Monday night, it was an easy night. All the residents are always tired since it is winter and they have no energy. So they are sleeping while waiting on dinner. I went in about a half an hour early since I brought some chicken nuggs to eat before I start working. Then I went out into the dining room and set all the tables and gave the residents some ice water. Except Mary Yuza, she will not allow ice to be in any of her drinks. I then went around and talked to each resident and asked them what else they would like to drink. Most of them want the same thing each night or they want nothing more than water. Some will get different stuff each night. It just depends on what day it is, I guess. They had beef and noodles for dinner and most of them seemed to really like it. They were all clearing their plates like it was nothing. I don´t think they have ever had that in the nursing home, so it was something different. This means everyone is not wanting something different and I didn´t have to make 100 different things. After dinner was done and the residents started heading back to their room, I started pushing the ones who need pushed, back to their room. Once the dining room was cleared out, I started cleaning up so I could go home. Nights like that are the best nights to work!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Week 3

Last night when I worked, all the residents were in such a good mood! These are the best kind of days to work. I came in 35 minutes early and got almost everything done before they started serving dinner. That way I could go out and talk to all the residents for a while. Plus I got them all drinks that they wanted. The kitchen was serving potato soup that night so they were all excited about that. Everyone loves potato soup! Then Mr. Becher asked me if I was still in high school and where I was going to college. He said he imagines me being a honor roll student who wants to go to school to be a nurse. He was exactly right! He never fails to make me smile. He always tells me I'm so sufficient as a worker and I love hearing things like that. He says I should go to engineering school because they need more women in that industry. I hated to tell him that that just isn't how I want to spend the rest of my life. Nothing about engineering school excites me.
I also have a resident that will only drink lemonade if I make it. If anyone else makes it, he will refuse to drink anything. So everyday I go and make lemonade, even though I didn't think I even made the lemonade right. I just do it to make the residents happy! Considering they make me happy.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Week 2

I worked last night and it was an okay night. The old people are the only part of my job that I actually enjoy. Talking to them and getting them to do exercises with their arms is really fun and entertaining to me. Sometimes they are a little annoying when they do not want what the kitchen is serving, but they also do not want anything else in the world. This means you have to sit there with them and name off every food on the face of the planet to see what they want to eat instead of the meal. Other than that I go around each table and ask each and every one of them how they are doing. They just get the biggest smile ever and say "good sweetie, how are you?" The ones that are sick and do not come down to the dining room I go see them in their room and maybe bring them some soup. Just check up on them and make sure they are okay. Since the cold weather and all the sickness, the old people are dying a lot easier and a lot faster. It is so sad that every time I work the ambulance and or a funeral home with a body bag is there to pick somebody up. After dinner and they are all back to their rooms another aide and I go and clean up the dining room and make sure everything is ready for breakfast. I only work about five hours a night and mainly work about four to five days a week. I really do enjoy my job.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Working at Paris Healthcare

I work at Paris Healthcare as an aide. I started working there in the very beginning of November. I love working there and getting to socialize and be around the residents. There are so many stories from every night that I work. I have residents who absolutely adore me and are attached to me. I also feel the same about some of them. For example, Mr. Cox's grandmother is one of my absolute favorites. Every time she sees me she gets the biggest smile and says "There's my girl, I've missed you!" She just makes my day. Another one of my favorite residents is Joe Barkley, he will not let me leave without giving him a hug first and thanks me for everything I do for him. There are unlimited amount of perks to my job, but there are also some downfalls to it. Like my favorite resident took therapy and went home. So now I do not get to see him or bring him his two cups of vanilla ice cream anymore. On the other hand, his mother is a resident so I talk to her about him sometimes. She is one of the oldest residents there and she is in some pretty good shape for being in her late nineties. Working with the elderly is definitely one of the best things I have done in a long time. Though, I do not want to work in a nursing home after college. I want to be a nurse. This is why I will enjoy the time I will spend working there until I move on to my dream career.