Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 13

I worked both Friday and Saturday this past weekend. When I worked Saturday they were having pulled pork if I remember correctly. A lot of them will eat the barbecue but not all of them will, so I had some other orders I had to put in. Which wasn't a big deal at all. I sat in the dining room and socialized with them until their supper came out. After they were all finished up, I had to push several of them back to their rooms. I don't mind pushing them down to their rooms at all, it is just a lot of work walking back and forth so many times. Then I have to go straight into straightening up my dining rooms, which is the worst part. I am usually fairly busy until I get off at 8. Sometimes I even run over a little bit because I get so busy. Which is fine because from about 5 to 6 I am fairly bored and do not have much to do until they serve my dining room, which is the last place to be served. This is why the residents get crabby waiting to get fed.

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