Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog 15

I worked last night and it was a very long night. I was there an hour later than what I should have been so that was one thing that really ticked me off. Then I find out that the residents are having a salmon patty and rice for dinner. The residents thought it was just as gross as I did. So it was a long night just trying to get different orders in because none of them wanted salmon. So finally all the residents were starting to go back to their rooms at about 6:30, which is kind of late. Which means we didn't get started on cleaning up until about 6:45 and so that set us back a lot. Cleaning up seemed like it took forever. Especially since I didn't get out until 8:45 and usually i get out at 7:45. The residents were in a good mood last night though, thankfully. Talking to the residents is the only thing that gets me through my job. Even though Barb had me go to her room and search for her bottom set of teeth. The whole time they were in her wheelchair! They just crack me up.

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