Monday, April 11, 2016

Blog 14

I worked Saturday over the weekend and it was a pretty easy night. The kitchen made them a turkey and ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and cheese. With the sandwich they got a bag of chips, macaroni salad, and ice cream. They made it like a little picnic dinner for them and I thought it was the cutest thing. A lot of the residents actually really liked it and that is what made my night so easy. My favorite resident ever has not been feeling well at all. She was in the hospital Wednesday or Thursday and she was back Saturday but still was not feeling the greatest. She is 98 years old so that scares me a lot. She will tell you when she thinks she is dying, and it makes me so sad. I am not ready for anybody that I am close to, pass away yet. One of the only downfalls to working in a nursing home setting and it is terrible. On the bright side I will be a CNA soon.

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