Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blog 12

I worked last night until 8:30. I went and got popcorn chicken from Walmart before I went in. Then I sat down and ate my chicken and wrapped all of the silverware. After I got all of the silverware wrapped, I set the dining room and got their drinks ready for them. As the residents started piling in, the busier I got. I give them all water before they even get to the dining room and then once they come in I give them the drink that they would like. For example, Joe Barkley always gets orange juice and Donna Littleton always gets iced tea. I know exactly what every single one of them want to drink. I've been there so long that I know every single one of them like the back of my hand. It is an awesome feeling to be so close to all of them, but sometimes that will backfire since they are so old and sadly, can die at anytime. I haven't really lost any of my residents and really do not want to. Donald Wilson passed away not too long ago but he only came down to the dining room a couple of times, so it wasn't too hard on me. I love working at the nursing home so much.

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